I have a dream.

In my dream, we provide our son with the opportunities to pursue his interests. We provide him with a good education and send him to a good university.


In my dream, I go to bed with my wife after a long day never having to argue over money troubles. I provide my parents with a good retirement.


In my dream, I can afford the medical fees of a good doctor for the family when bad times hit.


I hope to set up schools for children who cannot afford school otherwise.

What’s in your dream?


Let’s live our dreams, one step at a time.

Health, Wealth and Relationships are the three most important aspects of living well.

Money in itself does not mean we will live well. Good health and relationships are equally important.


Money provides us with an option. An option to spend more time and effort on our health. An option to work less and spend more time cultivating relationships with family and friends. An option to live our dreams.

There are three main parts to building wealth in order of importance.

1. Be good at your craft

Your chosen full time work is the foundation of your wealth building process. Work hard and smart and be good at it. Building (wealth) on top of a strong foundation is important.

2. Do not lose money unnecessarily

Learn to reduce unnecessary expenses. Identify the ``too good to be true``, ``get rich quick`` proposals and avoid them as they almost always cost you to lose your money in the end.

3. Make your money work hard

Gain a better understanding of risks and returns. Take calculated risks and get your money to work hard for you.

This 1-day bootcamp provides a framework for spotting investment opportunities globally so that we can take calculated risks to earn investment returns.


The framework is specially designed for investors who work full time. Spend less time analysing and more time living life!


We also focus on risk management so we protect our hard earned money.

Learn to increase your chances of making money with less time and effort.

What we cover

  • Perform intermarket analysis to understand the investment universe “big picture”.
  • Understand how to analyze markets using valuation framework.
  • Understand how to analyze markets using both absolute and relative momentum framework.
  • Combine valuation and momentum framework for spotting investment opportunities.
  • Understand risk management techniques and protect your capital by making your investments more “Antifragile”.

Less is more.

When I started my investing journey more than a decade ago, I was drawn to complex ideas and analytical tools. I also liked the idea of being “in the market”, keeping up with newsflow and all the flickering numbers running all over the multiple screens.


However like most things in life, the 80-20 rule seems to apply in investing. 20% of the effort seems to contribute to 80% of the results. The remaining 80% of the efforts such as watching financial media, reading wall street analyst’s financial predictions or even watching prices rise and fall daily, has less contributions to making money.


This bootcamp focuses on the 20% of the effort, such as combining valuation and momentum analysis and risk management, to enable us to spend less time on investing, stand better chances of making money and have more time to live a good life.

Attend the bootcamp and join a community of like-minded investors.

Presented by:


Father, investor, entrepreneur.
Loves freedom, diversity and adventure

Jay Ng

Jay is an investor and entrepreneur.


Previously he managed URA’s (Singapore government agency) proprietary funds of approximately SGD 1 billion. He was a trader for Moon Capital, a New York based long-short market neutral hedge fund with approximately USD 1 billion assets under management and also a trader for Deutsche Asset Management.


He was Co-Chairman of Chartered Market Technician Association Singapore Chapter.


Apart from investing, he is excited about how deep learning (artificial intelligence) will transform industries, like how electricity transformed society. He is also passionate about the transformations blockchain (the internet of value) would bring about.


Jay graduated with Masters of Finance from University of Cambridge.

Bootcamp Details


81 Victoria St, Singapore 188065, Singapore Management University


6th Oct 2018, 9am to 4pm

How Much?

SGD 599

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